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A one-hour marketing initial free of charge consultation. Please complete the questionnaire to be able to identify your needs.

Free Consultation
digital media research

Digital Media Research

Using 3C’s Approach

Social Media Audit – Make an inventory of your and your competitors’ social media channels to look for opportunities to boost your sales or get ahead of competition.

Social Media Strategy – After conducting your Social Media Audit, we will be able to clarify the audience’s needs, wants and challenges.

Social Media Management – Now you are ready to set up the right social media channels.

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Online Surveys

You can only offer an added value product or service if you listen to your customers. You can listen to your customers via online customised Customers Feedback surveys.

You will be able to identify your challenges, know what your good at and what needs to be developed. So hurry up and listen to your customers.

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Online Survey
Digital Outsourcing

Digital Outsourcing

Content is important especially if reach your target through digital marketing. The challenge is that it could take much time to look for articles on the internet or follow different news channels.

3C’sMarket Research can help you with sourcing out material for your blog or social media platforms.

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Website Content Review

Review website and recommend what needs to be developed to improve readability and help with the decision making

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Website Content Review
Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential clients through a CRM software to help you streamline processes, manage your contacts and improve your profitability.

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Virtual Marketing Assistant

The value of a Virtual Marketing Assistant cannot be overstated. Many small businesses cannot afford to employ an in-house marketing specialist.

You can free yourself to focus on growing your business and 3C’s Market Research can help you get your marketing efforts organised and prioritised.

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virtual marketing assisten