Social Media Audit

Make an inventory of your and your competitors’ social media channels to look for opportunities to boost your sales or get ahead of competition. Here’s what we do:

– Research competitors’ communication patterns using social media
– Search what customers likes and preferences using social media
– Evaluate company’s marketing efforts against their competitors and potential and existing client
– Set up and manage social media channels
– Perform a content audit to identify what marketing communications are effective and what content requires some freshening up


Social Media Strategy

After conducting your Social Media Audit, we will be able to clarify the audience’s needs, wants and challenges. We can then do the following

– Identify and clarify business’ social media goals
– Develop content strategy
– Use analytics to track progress
– Adjust your strategy as needed


Social Media Management

Now you are ready to set up the right social media channels. Want a stress free process, we can:
– Set up your social media channels
– Manage your social media channels
– Or train you how to manage your own channels