Challenge Solution Result
Develop HR Process. Update and integrate technology within their HR recruitment processes to run frequent in-house end to end recruitment service. Recommended and introduced 2 other local businesses to offer a cloud base HR data management software and another customised database to manage all clients’ information.

Recruited 46 workers within 16 months.

As the demand increased, more workers were needed to join in the organisation. The need for an efficient and less expensive in-house recruitment service was inevitable. Introduced, populated and managed HR employee records. Employee records are accessible to the management team and can be retrieved easily.


“Dalia has been able to turn significant aspects of the company around by putting forward innovative and interesting ideas to the Board of Directors, Senior Management and Field Work staff in a challenging Child Protection and Social Care Field. I envisage and welcome a long working relationship between Dalia and our company”

Ilham Ali, Managing Director, Active8 Support Services Ltd.

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