Step 1- Consultation

A one hour free of charge consultation & briefing session. A meeting is set up with a client to discuss their current market situation and business needs.

Step 2- A ‘Client Need Assessment’ form

An assessment form will be sent out to client to fill in.

Step 3- Proposal

A proposal will be prepared and send out to the client. Proposal will include: project objectives, methodology/approach, budget, timeframe of the project, and limitations (if there is any), terms and conditions of payment.
If a proposal is accepted, and contract is signed and agreed on, we start working on the project. If proposal needs further adjustments, we will incorporate the changes and set up another meeting if needed.

Step 4- Implementation

We work on the project and keep clients updated with progress. Further meeting(s) might be requested if needed. Completed work will be sent in due time.

Step 5- Feedback

An online customer feedback form will be sent out to clients once a job is completed. We value your feedback.